Mobile Fast Charge Kaise Kare | How to Fast Charge Mobile

Mobile Fast Charge Kaise Kare
How to Fast Charge Mobile

mobile ko fast charge kaise kare |mHow to Fast Charge Mobile
mobile ko fast charge kaise kare | How to Fast Charge Mobile

Mobile Fast Charge Kaise Kare | How to Fast Charge Mobile: These methods will not only charge your mobile fast but will also extend the life of your mobile. These are the ways that how to do it in the right way so that its life will be long, it will be in good condition, then it will charge quickly, it will run quickly and will do your work faster. Let's see what are the ways in which you can fast charge your mobile.


2. Mobile fast charge kaise kare
3. Switch off your mobile when charging
4. Fast mobile charging ke liye use orignal charger

5. Turn on Aeroplane/flight mode

(The reasons for not having mobile FAST CHARGE are as follows)

In today's era of the Internet, there is a lot of content on the Internet, which we use, we do not feel happy while enjoying and we are always watching something on the Internet, we keep enjoying, keep taking information, otherwise, there is a lot of activity which we do online. Live and in such a situation, our mouth goes down, it gets down quickly, so today we will know about some reasons why your mobile gets down quickly and how to fast charge it so that we can resume our activities. I can do whatever I want to see on the internet, who want to read, whatever I want to do and our mobile gets charged quickly.

Screen Display On

See, it often happens that whenever we use mobile, we often fix the display of our mobile that how many displays we have to watch, watch movies or work, but you should be a little smart in something whenever your day. If you use a mobile then you can keep the display at 70% and now you will confirm that even at 20% at night, you can see or read everything correctly, so whenever you want to charge the mobile then the display of the mobile should be reduced.

All Time Use 

You must have seen that whenever you put the mobile for charging, you should not use the mobile because when you use and keep the mobile on charging, the charging capacity of the mobile decreases, due to which we think that the mobile Slow charging is happening and it happens because the mobile is working in two places, one is also charging, the other is also using the system, so you should put the mobile on rest at the time of charging.

Mobile Fast Charge Kaise Kare

Some of the top methods are mentioned below, although if seen, these are normal things if we follow them then our mobile will be charged very quickly.

Switch off Your Mobile When Charging

This is the best way to fast charge the mobile because when you switch off the mobile then many services are active in the background in the system, which is stopped by switching off the mobile, so your charging process It increases manifold due to which your mobile starts charging manifold faster, so whenever you want to fast charge the mobile, if it is possible while charging, then switch off your mobile so that your mobile gets charged quickly.

Fast mobile charging ke liye use original charger

Whenever you should use your mobile for mobile fast charging, many times the local charger or the brand company's charger is not sleeping according to your mobile, then the first attempt should be that the CHARTER found with your mobile is the best. To fast charge your mobile, then comes the original charger of the same company, if your phone belongs to the company and the company is from the branded company, then you can also use the original charger of the same branded company but if yours is not of the branded company Even then you use the original charger because every company has a lot of relationship between the mobile and the charger that the mobile is made of, then how many volts will it be able to charge, how much will be the speed, it all depends on the company which company What is the capacity of which mobile and charger have been made, so all these things depend on the company, even then it is such a thing that use the original charger for fast mobile charging or use the original charger of the same company.

Turn on Aeroplane/flight mode

Another good way is that this is the way to fast charge mobile that when you put the mobile on charging, then you put your mobile on airplane mode or flight mode, if you are in a position to do this, you will charge the mobile very fast. Because there are many activities in the system even if your phone does not come on flight mode then you can understand how many activity services are stopped when you turn on flight mode then this is also a good way to charge fast mobile.

Turn off Internet data, BlueTooth, GPS location, and Wifi

Below are some other mistakes which you will not do, then you will get mobile fast charge.

Internet data

This is also a way, if you use the phone and put it on charging and at the same time your internet is also on, then the capacity of charging is there, you should know that there is a fixed rate of charging, at what rate does your CHARGER charge the battery of your mobile and if you have internet data out of it, then it also runs from the battery, then the consumption of the battery increases, so try that when you put the phone on charging, put the mobile If yes, then turn off internet data to fast charge the mobile.


There is also another sector that while charging the mobile, many times Bluetooth is turned on, due to which we are transferring files to someone and then we are charging the mobile, so many times we feel that the mobile is missing every day. But after that, the consumption of Banerjee will be more, then on the other hand you will feel that the mobile is slow charging, then while charging the mobile, do not even charge the data from Bluetooth so that the system should get the current which is completely direct to the system charging. Get it so that your mobile is fast-charged.

GPS Location

We have seen many times with many friends that even on a normal mobile, put that mobile on charging or not, even in normal, their GPS is always on, so as long as our mobile is fully charged, we do not feel it, but when we When mobiles are used for fast charging, then we feel that maybe the mobile is not getting charged but we do not know that our GPS is more, then try that if you do not need GPS and put it on mobile charging So do not even use and do not even use GPS, this is also an important factor for mobile fast charging.


And the last key is that WiFi also consumes your battery in the same way that I have mentioned above, then also try this if you are in such a condition where you can not use WiFi or not. Because the mobile will be fast charged, if your work is in the condition of not using WiFi, then do not do it, your mobile will be fast charged Thank you.

Don't use phone while charging

Friends, the team that is left in the last, which is very protective and in this what I am telling you that if you are putting on mobile charging, then do not use the mobile, it makes a lot of difference because most of the mobile's which are battery-powered. The reasons for the damage have been found, that is, watching videos while charging the mobile, playing games, such activities that consume a lot of battery, it is just like feeding a person, working with him. Are you living or getting work done so that you can understand how that person's rate of work and the rate of eating food will be affected, then you can get an idea when the mobile is charging and with that, you can If you are also using it, then it will only worsen the performance of your mobile, so it would be better if you can do this, then definitely do it if you will not use the mobile at all, for charging, all these things have been mentioned above, will follow them. And by turning off the display screen of your mobile very little, if you put it on charging, then one and a half Your mobile will be charged within an hour and after that, you can run it for eight to 10 hours.

We hope that this article will help you to do your mobile fast charge, now you will not search on the internet on how to charge your mobile fast because the proper methods are the ones that have been mentioned above, if the duplicate methods do not work for a long time, then we Hope this article will help you in fast charging your mobile.


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